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Young adults get chance to create and customise Wills online

Cliqtech and Metropolitan GetUp have joined forces to allow young South African adults to create and customise their Wills online.

Cliqtech is the fiduciary tech (fidtech) firm behind online Wills platform SmartWill.

Metropolitan GetUp is a financial services start-up backed by Momentum Metropolitan, specialising in protection solutions for younger and digitally-savvy South Africans.

In terms of the partnership, young adults will be able to create watertight and valid online Wills through the platform powered by Cliqtech.



In addition, while a user completes a Will in their own time and space, they also have access to expert legal advice at the click of a button.

“Smart partnerships are critical in the digitally-led economies of the future and it’s something that we actively prioritise at Cliqtech,” says CEO Zale Hechter.

“We believe the partnership with Metropolitan GetUp is another innovative avenue to offer high-quality and affordable fiduciary services to an underserved mass market. We are thrilled that Metropolitan GetUp has chosen Cliqtech as their fidtech partner and we look forward to a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship into the future.”

Liezel Gordon, client engagement team lead at GetUp, adds: “Metropolitan GetUp and Cliqtech have one common goal – to get Wills into the hands of as many South African young adults as possible. Wills should not be something exclusive but as an essential part of anyone's financial plan. If we can help every single South African young adult acquire a Will, we would have done our job.”

According to Cliqtech, an adequately drafted Will holds many benefits, including removing any delays in winding up an estate, saving thousands of rands in professional fees, and ensuring that one is not at the mercy of Intestate Succession.

“We exist to make it easier with fiduciary solutions to help South African youth handle their money like a boss. We want to encourage the youth to think about protecting themselves, their loved ones and those that depend on them. As much as financial planning is crucial when one is alive, a Will is a critical plan to have in place for when one is no longer here,” explains Gordon.

Hechter concludes: “Having a Will isn’t only for those who can ‘afford’ it, or who have an expansive estate with lots of assets to secure, but rather it is for, and should be made available to, every South African adult regardless of their background.”

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